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Technical details of the ŠKODA KAMIQ

Dimensions of the car


Safety features

The ŠKODA KAMIQ guarantees safety without compromise. Standard and optional equipment includes the following functions:

› Isofix and Top tether for attaching a child seat to the outer rear seats. Isofix is also available in the front passenger seat.

› Unlike cruise control, which maintains the set speed, the speed limiter allows the vehicle to travel at any speed up to the pre-set value.

› ABS prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking or braking on slippery surfaces.

› EDL assists in accelerating or uphill with low traction on one of the driven wheels.

› MSR helps prevent the drive wheels from jamming, which can occur when decelerating on a smooth surface.

› The XDS+ assists the driver in sharp turns and ensures that the vehicle will remain neutral even during fast turns. Control electronics basically simulates the function of the self-locking differential, improving traction and driving dynamics when cornering. As a result, the car turns more confidently and naturally than ever before.

› By increasing the pressure in the brake circuit, the brake assistant helps the driver to handle emergency situations in the event of emergency braking. This can significantly reduce the stopping distance.

› The ASR system ensures smooth starts and accelerations without slipping the wheels on slippery surfaces.

› Electronic tire pressure monitoring TPM+ informs the driver of tire pressure loss.

› Hill start assistant helps the driver to start uphill. The system is activated on an incline of more than five degrees and ensures easy and safe uphill start-up without the need for a parking brake. The system prevents the car from rolling backwards or stalling the engine.

› The flashing of the brake lights reduces the risk of a rear-end collision, especially when driving to the end of a traffic lane on the motorway or sudden braking before an unexpected obstacle.

Spare wheel

The standard tire repair kit can be retrofitted with one of the following spare wheels:

› Invalid spare wheel (6J × 16" ET 35, 205/60 R16) for 16", 17" and 18" wheels.

› Spare spare wheel (tire 3.5J × 18" ET 38, 125/70 R18) designed for use with the ŠKODA sound system.

Spare wheel
Spare wheel

Environmentally friendly technologies

Start-Stop system

The purpose of the Start-Stop system is to stop the engine whenever it does not have to run, which is a practical function especially for urban environments where it significantly reduces fuel consumption. The Start-Stop system is activated automatically when the engine is started and can be switched off at any time.

Start-Stop system
Braking energy recovery

What happens when energy is recovered? Kinetic energy is converted into useful electrical energy that is stored in a battery or used in electrical systems. During engine braking, the alternator supplies power to the instruments and charges the battery. This saves fuel that would otherwise be required for these functions.

Braking energy recovery
Eco mode (driving mode selection)

One of the modes offered by the driving mode selection system is the Eco mode for drivers who care about the environment and for whom economic driving is a priority. A specific feature of Eco mode is gliding mode on cars with DSG automatic transmission. Sailing mode is used when driving without using the accelerator.

Gear recommendation

You can reduce fuel consumption and increase driving comfort by choosing the right gear ratio. Lower engine speeds mean lower fuel consumption and quieter engine operation. The symbols in the upper right corner of the trip computer screen either confirm that the current gear is correct or recommend that a higher or lower gear be selected.